… some examples of working with ME

Ms Hayley Andrews started a brand new business around 18 months ago. She had a history of experience in her role but did not have 2 full years financial accounts which meant that she did not meet the criteria for a lot of lenders. Unfortunately, she could not wait as she was separating fromher partner […]
After living with his parents for a number of years, working full time, Jack decided he wanted to purchase his own home. Due to his available deposit, he found a Shared Ownership New Build property he really liked, local to his family but was unfortunately refused a mortgage by his Bank and the housing associations […]
Mr Mike & Mr Kurt Simson are 2 brothers that own an established building company which trades through a limited company. They both work really hard at building a profitable business but struggled to find time to review their protection to ensure they have the right cover. Following a review with Marc, it was established […]
Justine was introduced to John & Joan who owned a property but were looking to emigrate to Portugal. As they owned their house outright, they wanted to help their 2 children, Sam & Pippa, get on the ladder by gifting some of the equity allowing them to purchase their property. As Pippa hadn’t long been […]
After Saiqa helped a client purchase his first home, she discovered that the client was seriously exposed as he was self employed, working as a taxi driver, so had no sick pay. Mr Smith felt very uncomfortable about this as he was the main bread winner in his family and had 2 young children. Saiqa […]
Mr Singh is a Pharmacist by profession, but decided it was better for him to work on a contractor basis, which he did 1 year ago. Unfortunately, this made it difficult for him to find a mortgage for his first home due to the way his income is treated by most lenders, as he was […]
Mr McKendry approached ME to review his come insurance which was up for renewal. He likes his technology and was concerned that he had a lot of equipment in his home, such as iPads, tablets and other gadgets which were not covered in the event of him accidentally damaging them outside of the home. Marc […]