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In order to find the right cover for you, we need to know a bit of information about your health & lifestyle and work & family history.

Please complete this form as fully and honestly as possible as incorrect information could invalidate and policy claim.

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Our professional advisers will review your current circumstances including you and your families medical history, your financial situation and your financial goals to make sure we find the right insurance policies for you.

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At ME we use the latest software which enables us to find you the best deal whilst also helping us to work with you securely and efficiently. Our clients can choose to complete all of the initial information we require in their own time on their mobile, tablet or PC so our advisers can get on with helping you find the solution you need

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Our protection specialists can also help with more complex protection requirements such as business / shareholder protection, group protection policies and key person protection. If you have a business you want to protect, contact ME today.


Some helpful tips, guides and information to help you on your financial journey

We want to build a long and lasting relationship with you for many years to come and won’t just leave you to it once your transaction has been approved. We are available to hold your hand through the whole process and beyond. As such, we aim to make your life as easy as possible by updating you with regular information and guides.
We are in extremely uncertain time’s right now, At ME we speak to a lot of clients about their finances and have put together our Top 5 easy wins to reduce your monthly outgoings, all can be done from the comfort of your home. We hope you find this useful! 1. Check your Utility Providers […]
Earlier this week the Government, as part of its strategy to help people affected by the Coronavirus outbreak, announced the support of a 3 month “payment holiday” for people adversely impacted. Current guidelines for people who are concerned about their mortgages, are for you to contact your mortgage provider directly. Some lenders will be able […]
Finding the right mortgage is more complicated than ever. We help lots of clients who have been to their bank or building society, confident they will be accepted for a mortgage but then are refused with no real explanation provided, leaving them disappointed and confused. Your mortgage broker should take the time to understand your […]
Why do I need it? What is it? It won’t happen to me? The types of protection we are looking at are insurance policies that protect you, your family and your home. There are different policies that can do this by either protecting your life, your income, your partner’s life and/or income. We have written […]