Ms Hayley Andrews started a brand new business around 18 months ago. She had a history of experience in her role but did not have 2 full years financial accounts which meant that she did not meet the criteria for a lot of lenders. Unfortunately, she could not wait as she was separating from
her partner and needed to buy him out of the property – this was clearly a stressful time for Hayley.

Hayley thought she would struggle getting a mortgage when self employed and saw no alternative other than to sell her family home and move, which would have meant moving away from her family and friends and potentially needing to move her daughter out of her school.

After a full review of Miss Andrews circumstances, John searched the market and found a lender that was able to accept 1 years accounts and consider her gross profits in assessing her income. This meant that she could borrow the amount she required, giving her and her daughter peace of mind that they could stay in their family home.

John recommended a 2 year fixed rate as, after this time, Hayley would have a further 2 years accounts meaning we can review the market again after this time in line with her future circumstances.

At ME, we are not only here for the now, but here for you in the future too. If you would like some help and are wondering how to find a mortgage when self employed, please contact ME today!

Please note, although the above cases are genuine clients we have worked with, their names have
been changed for data protection and privacy purposes.